Tuesday, May 6, 2008


You ever watch the movie Spiderman?
Certainly, it is.
There are interesting stories about Spider-Man stories, especially about the net or white fibers coming out of the hands of Peter Parker.
Is a scientist from Eastman Kodak that is Harry Coover, around World War II. At that time he did not intend to make glue, but the imagination wants to make synthetic spider Sawang. Sawang spider, though flexible, is known to have the strength of steel. So people try to imitate it until now. Now, instead of getting a spider's web, the liquid, methyl-2-cyanoacrylate, even making all the things that touched attached. Then, in 1955, the Kodak brand to market with Flash Glue.
When the Vietnam war, Eastman Kodak initiated the idea for this glue can be used to close the wound. So no need to be bandaged so as to close the wound. Team doctors also use and quite successful. Then developed a new variant, 2-octyl cyanoacrylate for medical needs with safer Dermabond brand. (Koran Tempo, 24 August 2006). For in Indonesia itself, the super glue is known by the brand Alteco made from Singapore.
One can innovate and produce a product because one of them through the process of imagination. Imagination gave birth to creativity, apart from Harry Coover above, many examples of people who succeeded because of the results of his imagination. Imagine if Alexander Graham Bell did not imagine at the time of his life then maybe we do not yet know whose name the phone, let alone mobile phone or email. Imagine if Thomas Edison in his lifetime could not use his imagination so far we have not been able to enjoy the bright lights.
For the imagination to bear an innovation we need an action to make it happen.
If imagination is not accompanied by action is tantamount to a mere daydream.
Our weakness as an employee is still low power of imagination, this all is not entirely the fault of the individual itself, but the current system that sometimes makes one a dull imagination. For example an administrator who is compartmentalized with existing work and the dateline which is waiting to be fulfilled, to make it work on targets that have been determined, because if it does not fit the target will get a penalty or a reprimand from his superiors.
In training Indomaret store clerk who had just passed with the headline productivity, I had invited his fellow clerk to innovate for something that can improve productivity for themselves and also productivity salesman for his shop.
I illustrate with country chicken egg products sold in stores expirednya Indomaret that period for 2 weeks. If there are eggs that have been in stores for more than one week but not two weeks what should be done by a clerk for the eggs quickly sold out and no foul. Some salesman said "50% Discount aja pak", which means margins will come down and store the rest just stay quiet because they do not know what to do. Then I continued, "Why do not you ever think to make boiled eggs, or egg / omelette then diwrapping sold for the same price, so our loss will be smaller." They said, "Father of thinking that just weird, ordinary aja deh, sir."
The problem we are as an employee because we never imagining the weird, such as a store clerk who always run the SOP that are already in the store, an officer who is always working on the administration of every day as if tida forever, whereas people who are successful are always imagining exceed lines so that the dreams of others can produce an extraordinary result.
As a boss, rarely do we encourage our subordinates to use their imagination a bit 'crazy', we usually ask our subordinates to think that never get out of trouble everyday job. And crazy ideas sometimes generate new innovations which are needed also in solving the problems of work that might be solved better than conventional methods thus productivity will increase.
Never be afraid to use their imagination, because then we become full of creative people with new innovations.
Do not ever hung up on routines because "the main killer of creativity is routine."
Of imagination gave birth to innovation and creativity that led to increased productivity.
Good creative and good luck!
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