Friday, June 20, 2008


Bulletin a faithful reader, in this month we still talk about how to be a personal focus and leadership with integrity. In the last edition this month we will dig more deeply about the integrity of the real action in the field of work each of us.
Synonyms of the word integrity continues to grow as more and more people have to understand the meaning of the word integrity itself.
Included in that list is honesty, trustworthy, steadfast, character, consistent and correct. but how can someone translate these words into action? It is not our purpose at this time, something more concrete than the words.
In the field of work each of us, we can try to act or do something that simple actions that can reflect the personal integrity of each of us. There are several characteristics that consistently can be shown by people of high integrity:
1. Recognizing that small things are important
There is a story about two frogs who put in a place full of hot water to make soup. Frogs first to realize the dangers that it faces directly jump. While the second frog was reluctant to do that because he felt the water was really comfortable. He decided to stay there for a while and enjoy the warm water. he sure can jump when he realized the water was too hot. When the water temperature rises, the frog adjusts itself and did not realize it, until it was too late. Her life was frog end up being a delicious soup.
Similarly, the employees how to lose the integrity of himself, little by little until they realized the center was in danger and can no longer turn away. Rarely do people lose their integrity suddenly or all of a sudden, it usually starts with a gradual decline in standards of integrity to the subtle and difficult to stop until it reaches the end of the deadly. Important point in this case we must always be sensitive and often to evaluate yourself for as much as possible can quickly understand the changes that occur within each of us.
2. Always act Consistent
If we look at the Mc Donald's which has experienced tremendous success in the fast food industry, it is because of consistency. Not only because of the sauce, chicken meat, drink and advertising marketing. It was all part of the secret formula of Mc. Donald's, but the real strength of the company lies in the consistency of service indicated by each of the outlets that stretched nearly every state.
Consistency also provide results on a personal level. First, because it is difficult to be found another place. Second, because the people who showed consistency is a real person, what you see is what you get.
Diane Peck said, "People who demonstrate integrity, consistency between what he says and he did."
3. Honest but Humility
If you often say to others just how honest you are, maybe then you're lying. honesty is not something you claim, such as a high degree. That is the assessment made by others based on the actions you take every day in your life and your work.
Joe Badaracco (Harvard) said that, people with integrity usually move patiently, carefully and calmly. They fix or prevent moral mistakes in the work environment quietly and usually without any casualties. I finally called them as "Leaders in silence" because of modesty and restraint capabilities that make them successful.
The reader, if we want to try to build integrity within each of us, then we are actually consciously setting up success in careers and our lives for the long term. integrity is not only good for the scope of work, but also will make you feel good about yourself when practicing. Your relationship with others will be much better, and generally you do things much better.
Creative adaptive by FHO, reference: Adrian Gostick and Dana Telford, Excellence Integrity.